20th July, 2018. New Delhi

About Us 2016

About Women Entrepreneurship 2016

We live in an ever changing world. No sooner do we adapt and respond to the challenges of the day do we find ourselves facing new ones! Notwithstanding, we have been running our ventures and careers in a fairly adept way all along. As entrepreneurs and career women how do we better equip ourselves to face the dynamic universe we operate within? Is there a way to arm ourselves with insights, ideas and information which would make us more tenacious and resilient in our responses?

Welcome to Women Entrepreneurship 2016

  • Fine tune your plans and prospects as we bring together the opinion makers and opportunity creators under one roof to set and define the agenda for the next few years
  • Here is a conference that seeks to find a commonality of vision and a greater congruence towards enhancing prospects for women in careers and otherwise
  • A conference that addresses the foreseeable challenges and proposes practical responses
  • A conference that puts you on a runway to success as you take-off into a new realm

Who Should Attend

Entrepreneurs, Managers, Executives or even men entrepreneurs and managers/executives who would like to gain insight of a women’s way of managing business and life balance.

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